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Sammy said: "Thanks, JP.  I'd like to thank JP for inviting me after 3 years.  I used to come to Macon and Lyon quite regularly 20 or 30 years ago, but it's only JP who invites me now.  I really thanks him from the bottom of my heart.  It's great to see Freddy here in France.  We played together in Connecticut in the 1960's, and being here is bringing back all those memories of times past.  Once again, thank you  JP, for supporting New Orleans Jazz, the music we love."

jp alessi sammy rimington


  Very very nice "MANNY PAUL" I like your music and the band. Thank you again for a wonderful time in Lyon. One of my highlight for many years. The new C.d.sounds good and should get good critics. Hope you are well and keep swinging. Cheers Sammy


jp alessi jacques gautheJacques GAUTHE : Mon Ami JP-Manuel-Alessi-Paul 1er

 Bravo "MANNY" pour ta prestation au Préservation Hall , continue à faire swinguer ton sax. Reesa Lambert de Préservation Hall te transmet un amical bonjour et ne cesse de parler de toi et tes Musiciens, de ta gentillesse, de ta courtoisie...etc...etc...Le jour ou nous avons joué au Préservation Hall elle avait les larmes aux yeux !


jp alessi kid bastien jacques gauthe

 Cliff "Kid" BASTIEN : I like the music very much and your playing on the tenor sax comes across as very dedicated and passionate, I hear lots of "MANNY PAUL" keep up the good work my friend, and never let anybody change your style.I sincerley hope that our paths will cross again someday. Maybe, if we are both in NEW ORLEANS at the sometime we could form a band together and play some of that great KID THOMAS music for the peopleone does not hear much of it


big bill bissonnetteBill BISSONNETTE : (Jazz Crusade)  My pleasure J-P !
You have become an excellent sax player and I am proud to have you on Jazz Crusade....when I heard him play recently as 1993 was only a moderately successful reed player and whom has since then become a powerhouse sax player on both tenor and alto. I have listen often to the Royen.Brandt sessions. They are very good. Congratulations. You have become a very fine saxophone player my friend.I have now given you your own listing on the "major artist" page and i have included information and sound clips from all of your JAZZ CRUSADE Albums. Congratulations, you are a Star ! ! ! B3


I wish to nominate Jean-Pierre Alessi for membership as a New Orleans Living Legend for all the work he has done to promote New Orleans jazz and for his playing which has always been New Orleans style, I ask the other "Living Legends" of this FaceBook group to join me in voting J-P Alessi a "Living Legend!"


fred vigorito jp alessi  Fred VIGORITO : You too are a very exciting musician, and it's quite amazing that you were able to get this good in only 11 years. And, yes, you do sound like Manny Paul. As I said, sometimes you sound more like Manny Paul than Manny Paul! You also have your own style that makes you unique. When I listen to you, I hear your love for the music, right from the heart. You also have great stage presence, and are very exciting to watch. I look forward to working with you again. I just returned from a very successful, very exciting playing tour in France. I traveled with trombonist and Jazz Crusade record producer Big Bill Bissonnette. For the tour, Bill and I joined JP Alessi's French Preservation New Orleans Jazz Band. The venues were quite varied, Le Prisca Restaurant in Lyon, the Hot Club of Lyon, a cultural theatre in Irigny, a restaurant in Marseille, and a dance School north of Irigny. Amazingly, JP's band sounded wonderful, and very tight, even though this was basically a new band with Bill and me added. JP plays saxophone in the style of the late Emanuel Paul, and is a very exciting performer. He's also a pleasure to work with, a true gentleman, and willing to dedicate his life to playing good New Orleans Jazz. Other than his family, it's his number one priority.


bill sinclairBILL SINCLAIR:  Dear JP, It would be an honor to play with you and your band plus Sammy and Fred.It would also be nice to play in a band where are dedicated to pure New Orleans Jazz.So, again my answer is a very YES,YES,YES!!!

 It will be nice to play with you. I've heard many good things about your playing. It will be kicks !!! Stay well and be happy.



GEORGE BUCK, GHB Records : GHB BCD 499 this is an incredible CD featuring the great Sammy Rimington on clarinet and the exciting tumpet of Fred Vigorito. This Cd has a lot of drive and Vigorito plays in the tradition of Kid Thomas. I highly recommend this CD. and Brian Harvey says A tried and tested sure fire fomula for New Orleans jazz band heat and exitement in the past few years has included Fred Vigorito's spine-tingling vibrato, Sammy Rimington emotive clarinet and alto sax and Jean Pierre Alessi's Emanuel Paul-inspired tenor sax. Here we have all three plus the very fine rythm section of Henry Lemaire on banjo, Dominic Molton on string bass and Vincent hurel on drums. Recorded at a Lyon club session in december 2005 this is one of those super relaxed and yet so exciting sessions that only deeply commited and thoroughly expert New Orleans Musicians can create. These guys are not copying the original band they emulate - that of Kid Thomas Valentine - they've moved on way beyond that. Now they're playing the self-same music. They've graduated from being students and followers. Now it is this band and other world class groups like it who are the leaders. Verdict - Brilliant.

GEORGE BUCK, GHB Records : GHB BCD 499  C’est un CD incroyable, avec le grand Sammy Rimington a la clarinette et Fred Vigorito qui joue une trompette excitante.  C’est un CD plein d’énergie, avec Vigorito qui joue dans la tradition de Kid Thomas.  Je vous conseille vivement ce CD.  Dans les mots de Brian Harvey : «Une formule bien rodée qui produit le feu et la chaleur des groupes de jazz de la Nouvelle Orléans, avec le vibrato de Fred Vigorito, qui fait frémir d’excitation, la clarinette et le sax alto de Sammy Rimington, pleins d’émotion, et le sax ténor de JP Alessi, qui s’inspire d’Emanuel Paul.  On retrouve tous les trois ici avec une excellente section rythmique composée de Henry Lemaire sur banjo, Dominic Molton sur contrebasse et Vincent Hurel à la batterie.  Enregistrée en décembre 2005 au cours d’un concert dans un club à Lyon, c’est une de ces sessions super-relax et tellement excitantes que peuvent créer uniquement les Musiciens de New Orleans les plus engagés et les plus expérimentés.   Ces gars ne sont pas des copiés-collés du groupe qu’ils émulent – celui de Kid Thomas Valentine ; ils sont passés au-delà de ça.  Maintenant ce sont eux-mêmes qui jouent la même musique.  Ils ont progressé au delà de l’état d’étudiant et suiveur.  Maintenant c’est ce groupe-ci, avec d’autres groupes parmi les meilleurs du monde de la même trempe, qui sont les leaders. Le verdict – c’est exceptionnel. »


brian towersBrian TOWERS (Tbn Kid Bastien Remembered) The French Preservation band, led by Jean-Pierre Alessi on tenor sax. I had the pleasure of doing one concert with them. A really hot band playing in the style of the Kid Thomas/George Lewis bands. I watched the DVD and enjoyed it tremendously. I will watch it again. It brought back the memories of some very good times wich would otherwise be lost. Very exciting group and everyone has fun.

FPCD10 Your CD "walking with the King" has arrived and I have played it through twice.  Most enjoyable.   Fred & Sammy are two of the greats of the present day.   Track one with the boogie) is really cooking. What a great start! Your rhythm section does its job well and of course your tenor projects the usual energy and New Orleans feel


kjeld brandt   Kjeld BRANDT (Clarinet and Leader of New Orleans Delight) 

JCCD 3110-3111 This is pure New Orleans. Very powerful. 3B is just great. Wish you a great succes with the CD's and the band.




Mississippi Rag Review: June 2006 Bill MITCHELL (JCCD 3107/3108 et 3110/3111)

The situation has changed in recent years, however, and today France has several popular revival bands. The French Preservation New Orleans Jazz Band is one of the best, as can be inferred by the excitement they generate and by the ebullience of the audiences at the two live sessions documented by the four CDs under review here. The Lyon session was recorded in October 2004, and the Irigny session in December of the same year. Each session featured two special guest artists.

In Lyon the line-up begins with Jean-Pierre Alessi, a tenor and alto saxophonist who is a disciple of Emanuel Paul and Captain John Handy. The trumpet man is Alain Martien, who for 20 years has been making annual trips to the Crescent City to play with the indigenes there. His influences include Louis Armstrong and Kid Howard. Frederic Espinoux is on trombone. Henri Lemaire mans the banjo ala Manny Sayles. Guil-laume Gerdil is on string bass, and Herlin McFly (real name Vincent Hurel) is the drummer. The guest musicians are the American stride pianist, John Royen, and the Danish clarinetist, Kjeld Brandt. Royen, a brilliant student of Don Ewell, plays like Ewell reincarnated. (Ewell was the reincarnation of Jelly Roll Morton and Fats Waller.) Kjeld Brandt has played with veteran New Orleans musicians and leads his own band, New Orleans Delight, composed of Danish and Swedish musicians. His sound is very much in the George Lewis vein. Jean-Pierre Alessi is featured on a performance of George Lewis' "Burgundy Street Blues," and on a tenor sax, yet! As Big Bill is quoted as saying, The first time I heard him do it, I almost fell over. It took some convincing to have him record it but worth the effort, I believe." It is futile to recommend one of these sessions over the other. Save for Alesssi and Lemaire, the personnels are different, resulting in a different over-all sound. I would not want to have missed either one. Bill Mitchell


   Marcel JOLY Jazz Gazette (http://www.thejazzgazette.be/)  : J'avais entendu beaucoup de bonnes choses dites au sujet de Jean-Pierre. Elles étaient exactes. Nous pouvons l'ajouter à la liste des grands joueurs dans la tradition d'Emanuel Paul.(JCCD-3079 / 3081)

JCCD-3107/3108 Tu espères que j'aime les CD ! Je les adore! La musique est magnifique! Particulièrement les hymns sont formidables. Et Uptown Bumps alors? D'abord ton intro extraordinaire et magnifique et puis la trompette d'Alain qui entre...Formidable! J'avais pensé qu'il n'était plus marcel jolynécessaire d'enregistrer Ice Cream encore une fois...mais c'était avant l'écoute de votre version. J'ai littéralement dansé dans mon fauteuil! Félicitations sincères. Tu as prouvé qu'on est capable en France de jouer du NO revival! Le bon Hugues Panassié doit se remuer dans sa tombe!  Si un jour tu as des autres enregistrements de ton Band j'aimerais bien les avoir pour ma collection. C'est exactement le style que je préfère! comme Kid Bastien te disait : Ne change pas ton style.

JCCD-3110/3111 So here you have Jean-Pierre Alessi's French Preservation New Orleans Jazz Band. The long name represents a program. If this isn't New Orleans jazz, my name is Bernard Niquet! Jean-Pierre became fascinated by the music of the great Manny Paul and decided to keep his memory alive, and made the tenor sax his main instrument.. He even created a web-site about this fine New Orleans reed man. Go and visit it at www.emanuelpaul.com , it is great. Jean-Pierre is not imitating the grand old master. If you have any doubts about it, try the following experiment: pick out a tune that Manny Paul recorded and Jean-Pierre too, play them and compare. You will find music with the same spirit but nevertheless completely different. I remember now I wrote the same thing about the late Kid Bastien from Canada and the late Kid Thomas from New Orleans. "Same old soup bone" Kid Thomas would have said. It suddenly occurs to me that these days more and more of our musician friends have become "late", which is a sad thought. I can only hope I will not be "late" myself too soon…One of the things I noticed is that JP uses a growl sometimes, which I can't remember hearing from Manny Paul. It's too easy to put down musicians who are continuing a tradition as mere copyists when they are not. Maybe the biggest surprise is "Burgundy Street Blues". You did hear that one a lot of times before? Sure, you did, but have you ever heard it on tenor sax?

FPCD10 avec SAMMY RIMINGTON et FRED VIGORITO    J'ai écouté avec énormément de plaisir ton dernier CD. Du début jusqu'à la fin ça me plait beaucoup. J'espère vivement qu'il y aura un volume 2. Mes morceaux préférés sont "Calcutta", "Pretend" et le magnifique "Closer Walk". Ce dernier est vraiment splendide! Quant au "Burgundy Street Blues" j'avais esperé de t'entendre aussi, mais tu as gracieusement donné l'honneur à ton invité. Peut-être un duo avec Sammy la prochaine fois? Merci beaucoup pour cette musique envoûtante et félicitations à tous!


  JEMPI DE DONDER Jazz Gazette (http://www.thejazzgazette.be/)  : FPCD10 Walking with the King

jempi de donderI remember an evening at Mario’s place on our way to Tuscany when I showed a video cassette of the Kid Thomas Band in Denmark recorded during there 1971 world tour, Gérard told me about a guy from Lyon, a certain JP Alessi who wanted to play just as Emanuel Paul. I have to admit at first I was not too fond of his approach to the Manny Paul tenor. I thought he wanted to do things too well and played too many notes. I had some lengthy discussions about this with Marcel. During the two concerts I attended in December 2006 in and near Lyon, I heard a different JP, letting things go more and just filling in where it suited. So, now so many years later, JP is a very successful tenor saxophone player who already made some great recordings. Now we say that, Lyon which is the culinary capital by excellence, not only of France but also of Europe, also is the home of one of Europe’s top New Orleans tenor sax players..


RICHARD BOURCIER  (www.jazzreview.com): FPCD10 Jean-Pierre "JP" Alessi is a dedicated follower of his late idol, Emanuel "Manny" Paul. Manny Paul passed away in 1988 at the age of 84 and is remembered as one of the finest tenor players in the New Orleans tradition. He played with the Kid Thomas Algiers Stompers and Dejan's Olympia Brass Band before joining the internationally famous Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Walking With The King is the French band's 10th album and features guest appearances by the American cornetist, Fred Vigorito and British clarinetist Sammy Rimington. Both have enjoyed an international reputation for decades. This CD marks Vigorito's sixth and Rimington's third recordings with Alessi's band. The album kicks off with a hot number titled "Fred Vigorito's Boogie" and Alessi's tenor delivering the opening walking bass figure. New Orleans fans will compare the tune to the old "Kid Thomas Boogie Woogie" and every band had their own version. Everyone gets a chance to solo and the interplay between Vigorito, Alessi and Rimington is exciting. There's a nice banjo break by Henry Lemaire, one of the band's longtime members. Sammy Rimington takes center stage for a beautiful and imaginative reading of the well-loved "Just A Closer Walk." Rimington works through the full range of his instrument and Vigorito follows with a lovely muted cornet passage.
In typical New Orleans fashion, the group throws in a couple of hits that everyone remembers. They are Nat Cole's "Pretend" and Lawrence Welk's 1961 "Calcutta." The 1940s are not forgotten when the sextet launches into a nice version of "Rum And Coca Cola." Every album must have a highlight and my pick has to be "Burgundy Street Blues." Sammy Rimington delivers a "perfect" reading of the Crescent City classic accompanied by the seasoned rhythm section of Henry Lemaire, Dominic Molton and Vincent Hurel. "Victory Walk" is a New Orleans standard known by a multitude of titles but you'll recognize it immediately. The ever-swinging Fred Vigorito outdoes himself on this one and is joined by Alessi on tenor and Rimington on alto sax. They riff the day away! Good stuff! Walking With The King is a fine example of New Orleans music played by a most enthusiastic and inspired band


brian wood  Brian WOOD : Brian do you like the 2 CD with Bill and Fred and my band ? Yes very much i think they rank with the best of Jazz Crusade (JCCD-3110 / 3111)

FPCD10 From the moment I first heard Jean-Perre Alessi in New Orleans I was aware of someone who clearly owed musical allegiance to Manny Paul and Kid Thomas but who had an individual talent promising future delights. Subsequent events have not proved me wrong. A series of recordings featuring musicians from other countries, other continents, have gone from success to success, culminating in the latest to come my way, the French Preservation New Orleans Jazz Band with Fred Vigorito and Sammy Rimington: "Walking With The King." I wish I was fluent in the language of Moliere and Racine. However, Jean-Pierre and his band are fluent in the universal language of jazz New Orleans style. The past masters are sadly no longer with us but we are fortunate to have such capable disciples as these to carry on the tradition.

Brian HARVEY : Radio Jazz Web (http://www.radiojazz.co.uk/)

French Preservation New Orleans Jazz Band with Sammy Rimington and Fred Vigorito Blues for Manny Paul The band’s own label FPCD12 – jp-alessi@french-preservation.com I’m not quite sure how Jean-Pierre Alessi, the tenor sax man who leads this band, comes to sound so much like a native New Orleanian, it’s uncanny, but he does. And so does Englishman Sammy Rimington who served his time with the Ken Colyer band, then with Big Bill Bissonnette in the USA. Whether playing clarinet or alto sax he’s totally at home in the idiom. And then there’s one of my favourite cornet men, the American Fred Vigorito who, when he’s at home leads the Galvanised Jazz Band with great skill and passion. He also sounds exactly like a native New Orleanian – at times not unlike Kid Thomas Valentine. And this band’s wonderful rhythm section too would not be out of place anywhere in the French Quarter – they’re that good. The result of all this amazing alchemy is that the tracks on this CD lay a wonderfully moving and often exciting tribute to the late New Orleans tenor man – the man with the very distinctive tone and delivery. This is a fine CD – superbly entertaining with five star performances by everyone involved. They obviously have a ball recording it – I hope that you will follow their lead when you hear it "Brian Harvey"


I used to avoid French 'revivalist' jazz like the plague having worked in Dobell's Charing Cross Road, London record shop in the days of multi Claude Luter and similar French 'trad' band releases and I was recently torn to shreds in another journal for describing a current French New Orleans style band as having a distinctive and rather strange 'Gallic' tonality. Here - on two CDs however is the proof - if any were needed - that there are musicians in France who have so absorbed the New Orleans ethic and ethos that they sound for all the world like a current band based in that city.The wonderfully infectious spirit and atmosphere of the session on these two CDs is aided not inconsiderably by the fact that they were recorded 'live' at the Restaurant Le Prisca a Villeurbanne in October 2004. Both Big Bill Bissonnette - the owner and driving force behind the Jazz Crusade label - and I agree that there is no substitute in jazz for live "warts and all" sessions with no splicing and removal of 'clinkers'. To hear jazz truth the sessions must be cut 'live'.For me these are perfect sessions. You get to spend 153 minutes in the company of eight guys, the majority of whom have served their time in the Crescent City and learned the essential lessons. Like - relax - don't overblow - let the rhythm speak for itself - listen to the other guys - don't compete - compliment. Layback on the beat - go with the flow - let it happen. It would be unfair to pick out too many names here because everyone plays their part in making a series of superb tracks. But it would be equally unfair to not single out trumpet man Alain Martien whose absorption of the idiom is awesome - here he is a New Orleanian. Leader Alessi is so rhythmic its frightening but he's always in control, Kjeld Brandt on clarinet is amazingly sensitive and poetic - one of the modern giants. Frederic Espinoux' trombone is percussively effective but also melodic - he's a good man. And the rhythm section too is outstanding with the stride work of pianist John Royen being a great revelation. What a joy he is - wonderful. These guys are masters of the jazz art…..more please gentlemen……


Walking With the King French Preservation New Orleans Jazz Band with Fred Vigorito and Sammy Rimington  FPCD-10

J’adore cet orchestre mené par J-P Alessi (sax ténor) depuis la première fois que je l’ai entendu.  Ils « swinguent » et « groovent » comme presque personne depuis le grand orchestre de Kid Thomas.  C’est un des sons les plus joyeux et les plus communicatifs du jazz de nos jours.  Rajoutez à cela deux des plus excellents « vagabonds » à swinguer aujourd’hui – l’Américain Fred Vigorito au cornet et le Britannique Sammy Rimington a la clarinette et alto – et voilà une combinaison internationale unique et excitante.  Ensemble ils forment un des groupes New Orleans les plus complets que j’écoute avec plaisir depuis des années.  Avec les Happy Pals du Canada et le Britannique Phil Mason, ces gars comptent probablement parmi les plus grands.  Ne me prenez pas au mot cependant : écoutez le morceau que nous passons maintenant – Rhum and Coca Cola - décidez pour vous-mêmes ! De plus – ce n’est pas uniquement leur swing et l’ambiance générale qui sont contagieux – ces mecs jouent aussi en solo...  Encore, messieurs, encore !

 New Orleans Living Legends CD    FPCD11 - notes  Jazz club and concert promoters are always looking for sure fire strategies which would ensure that they fill their venues with eager enthusiasts. They need look no longer!  I’ve found the unique magic formula. It goes something like this……..Take one Jean Pierre Alessi - add a large measure of Fred Vigorito and an equal part of Sammy Rimington. Mix those three well and then season with equal measures of Henry Lemaire, Dominic Molton, Jacky Boyadjian and Vincent Hurel.  Allow the overall mixture a little time to settle and then warm overnight ion a conducive atmosphere and watch the results - they will be spectacular - highly emotional - visceral even and the most rhythmic this side of the heavenly band led by Buddy Bolden,. Louis Armstrong, George Lewis and Sam Morgan.What I’m getting at is that by teaming up with Vigorito and Rimington monsieur Alessi has achieved the near impossible. He’s created a band that on the occasions recorded in the remarkable CD titled ”New Orleans Living Legends” was one of the hottest and most exciting I have ever heard. For sheer foot-patting infection and overall joie de vivre this group is among the very best. Alessi’s inspiration is the seminal tenor sax work of the great immortal Manny Paul, Sammy Rimington was originally inspired by George Lewis but is now a giant talent in his own right - a world talent. Fred Vigorito is inspired by exciting, original talents like Kid Thomas Valentine and Wild Bill Davison but add his own unique formula to - like Sammy - come up with something truly great in the annals of jazz cornet. The three together are a perfect combination - each inspiring the others.And this wonderful rhythm section. Where on earth did J-P find skill, understanding and totally absorbing rhythm and understanding on this level. These men ARE New Orleanians even if they’re playing in France. Bravo mes amis - bravo - encore - toujours encore.What a band - what a CD - thank you J-P - you made my day - month - year!    Brian Harvey Copyright 2008


Gérard GUICHARDON (Jazz Macon Club) : JCCD 3107/3108 et JCCD3110/311 J'ai écoute tes 4 derniers disques et j'ai été bluffé. Je ne pensais pas que tu jouerais aussi bien quand on pense que tu joues seulement depuis 12 ans, c'est extraordinaire. Ton jeu est identique à Emanuel PAUL sur les morceaux que lui à joué et sur les autres qu'il n'a jamais joué on croit l'entendre. Félicitation c'est du top niveau, je t'avais entendu en 99 mais maintenant cela n'a rien à voir tu es devenu un PRO. Je comprends maintenant pourquoi MARCEL JOLY adore tes disques. Continue dans ce style et surtout n'arrête pas. Je ne connaissais pas Alain, Kjeld et John mais ils jouent aussi très bien.


Geoff BOXELL : JCCD 3110/3111 One note on Jean-Pierre Alessi which blew me away: he started playing only in 1993. Well if that middle-aged man can do, so can we all (if only my wife would let me get that trombone I’ve always desired maybe I could replace B3 in the line up). Certainly his feel for New Orleans jazz is very real and I suggest you listen to ‘Burgundy Street Blues’ to understand what I am talking about.


houcine harrabi jp alessi  Houcine HARRABI : (GHB Records)

 I met JP in New Orleans in 2000 during the French quarter festival. He's one of the most enthusiastic to the New Orleans Style jazz and to believe that visit his Website and you would think that Emanuel Paul rose back again from the dead.




USA Jazz Encyclopedia Scott YANOW : JCCD3110/3111  The French Preservation New Orleans Jazz Band is a pianoless quartet that features the raspy and emotional tenor and alto playing of Jean Pierre ALESSI. For this live set, the first of two Cd from the same performance, ALESSI and his group are joined by cornetist Fred VIGORITO and trombonist Big Bill BISSONNETTE. ALESSI puts plenty of feeling into his playing, sometimes recalling altoist Capt John HANDY and sometimes tenor MANNY PAUL.


Ecole de Danse Fred et Nico :(1ere soirée du French Préservation) Ce fut une soirée extraordinaire. Superbe formation, très bon esprit, le Jazz New Orleans comme on l'aime. Super Ambiance........Merci encore pour votre prestation.


Alain MEAUME : (Louisiana Jazz Band) JPA02  J'ai reçu ton CD ce midi je l'ai immédiatement mis sur la platine et j'ai entendu le début, c'est bluffant...t'as vraiment beaucoup  écouté ce vieil EMANUEL. Tu peux aller jouer la bas tu ne seras pas dépaysé. C'est en tout cas un bel hommage et il me languit d'écouter le reste ce soir. Je te dirai même si mon avis n'a d'autre valeur que celle que tu voudras bien y accorder.


Guillaume NOUAUX (Vintage Jazz Band) Je suis tombe sur ton site alors que j'étais en train de fouiller des informations sur Sammy Penn sur le net. Ton travail et tes recherches sur Emanuel Paul son fabuleux ! Beau travail fait avec passion, je suis étonné de lire la discographie que tu as pu reconstruire. Bravo et à bientôt sur la route du Jazz


Anne Marie MARTEL (Jazz Dixie Swing N°38) : Ils jouent dans le style New Orleans Revival............Jean Pierre lui est un cas. C'est un des musiciens qu'on est heureux de découvrir et qu'on n'oubliera pas. Ancien danseur de rock acrobatique, on lui a proposé un jour de danser sur du jazz et il est tombé dans la marmite. Il joue depuis neuf ans et depuis c'est un musicien épanoui et heureux.............sur Tin Roof Blues super solo de ténor, son bien plein, bien rond vibrant mais jamais agressif.

  Envoyez un courrier électronique a   jp-alessi@french-preservation.com   pour toute question ou remarque concernant ce site Web.

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